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7 ways COVID19 Might Effect Your Move

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

How else could COVID-19 affect my move?

The full consequences of COVID-19 aren’t known, but there are several ways the pandemic could potentially affect your move:

  • Temporary government orders in the cities you are moving to and from could prevent you from moving.

  • Temporary government orders could prevent you from eating at restaurants en route to your new home.

  • Potential grocery store shortages could prevent you from stocking up the fridge at your new home.

  • Widespread transmission of COVID-19 and moving company policies could limit the number of workers available to help with your move.

  • Social distancing guidelines could prevent family, friends, and hired labor from gathering in groups of 10 or more and standing within six feet of each other while loading and unloading your moving truck.

  • Money received via a federal government economic stimulus plan could be saved for moving expenses when life gets back to normal.

  • An increase in demand can result in hours-long hold times to reach customer service representatives to set up internet services, ask mortgage questions, and possibly even book your movers.

If you want to speak to a person and get all the info you're looking for, contact us here.

Where do I get the latest information about moving during coronavirus? continues to monitor how COVID-19 affects your ability to move, and we update our articles weekly. For general updates about COVID-19, we recommend you go to

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