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Moving Company in Round Rock Texas - Stairs

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Looking for experienced and affordable movers in Round Rock, Texas? Moving in and out of any home or apartment is challenging enough. However, when you live on the 2nd, 3rd or higher level floors you can multiply the difficulty by having to deal with the stairs on an elevator. This is when you call a local moving company in Round Rock Texas, to help you with your move. Here are a few moving tips that can help you;

(North Austin Movers)

Steps & Stairs:

When stairs are involved moving in or out of your residence, you want to move very carefully and safely, and rest frequently to stave off fatigue... make sure you stay hydrated! We understand how many Round Rock Texas Moving Companies are in this area, and want to show you why we are a trusted local moving company in round rock.

  • Don't try to move through stairs or tight areas by yourself, especially when carrying heavy furniture or boxes. Always have at least one other person guiding you. Similar to weightlifting, it's always good to have a spotter.

  • Make sure to wear comfortable shoes with good treads for a firm grip on the floor and outside pavement. You may also wear thick gloves for heavy lifting, I would also recommend wearing a back brace for extra support.

  • Make sure you clear a path to and from any stairs or hallways. Please be aware of any items in the way that could possibly trip you and cause you to fall.

  • Disassemble any furniture legs or other protruding parts for easier and safer handling. Be sure to check to bottom of each box to make sure they are safely secured.

  • Be proactive and measure large pieces of furniture to ensure that your items can get through any narrow stairs, tight hallways, or corners. The best way to avoid injuries or even damage to your items or walls is to double check when measuring space. Most mistakes happen when you discover your item wont fit after several steps or when your item wont fit around the last corner.

  • Prior to lifting any bulky items, figure out how you plan on moving that specific item with a helper. For example, you and your helper can take each step by figuring out who will hold the heavier end or who will hold the lighter end of the furniture. Some ends are heavier and some corners may need a taller person to be able to swing an item around, there are many different factors when moving an item. Sharing a strategy like this is a huge advantage, especially when moving to North Austin or Round Rock, we have been a trusted moving company in North Austin.


Elevators can help speed up moves to or from a higher floor.

  • Scheduling your move during the weekday when there will be fewer traffic in the elevator and throughout the hallways since they will be at work or school.

  • Clear the move at least two weeks in advance from the building manager. They can reserve a specific time frame for your movers to utilize the service elevator so you don’t have to wait on other tenants. Be sure to get the reservation time in writing in case any plans change.

  • Measure the width and height of the elevator doors and the elevator interior to ensure that your larger pieces will fit.

  • To maximize each trip you have to make, use the elevator keys to hold the elevator on your floor with the doors open. Then load up the elevator as much as you can without going too close or over the maximum weight that the elevator has posted.

  • Have at least one person on the loading floor and another on the unloading floor so your items are always within sight of one person in case something is at risk of falling or running into another item.

The safest and most convenient way of completing a move to or from a higher floor is to avoid doing it yourself. As an alternative, get in touch with professionals like Round Rock Affordable Movers to ensure you and your items' safety. We're more than qualified to assist you, please contact us today. Give us a chance to show you, the best moving company near round rock, tx. You can relax and go to Kalahari Resorts in Round Rock while we move your items.

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